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Month: March 2006

Tactical Iraqi Teaches Gestures

In the news recently by the BBC, a new computer game called Tactical Iraqi teaches US soldiers Iraqi gestures and spoken sentences. It’s a pragmatic approach to a pragmatic problem: How to get around in Iraq without causing unnecessary tension or ending up shooting each other. It is based on a 1st-person shooter game.

How to say ‘bend over’ politely?

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Gesturing Justice Scalia Explains

A judge in America, mr Scalia, recently earned major media attention because he made a gesture. The form: cupping the hand under the chin and flicking the fingers like a backward wave. It was interpreted as ‘Va fan’ culo‘ by the gathered journalists and photograpers. He explained it himself (in a letter) as meaning “I couldn’t care less, no business of mine. Count me out.”

Sources: Boston Herald 1, 2, Photographer fired, NBC, CNN, 3, moodza?

Updates: There’s a Wikipedia entry now, calling it Sicilian. I checked with a guy from Ravenna (north) and he said it’s common in all of Italy. The wiki entry further states that two gestures were mixed up. I think it was only a matter of different interpretations of the same gesture. Elsewhere, the Nation published The Nino Scalia Guide to Sicilian Hand Gestures in mockery.

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