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Month: November 2006

Brain Research on Gestures and Speeches

Perhaps gesture and speech are somehow wired together in the brain. What is certain however is that in US brains everything is wired to politics come election time.

Kelly used an electroencephalograph (EEG) machine to measure the electrical brain activity of volunteers


Even a nice bit of gesture research, by Colgate University neuroscientist Spencer Kelly, is destined to be used in (discussions of) political campaigning.

Volunteers heard the word 'tall' while watching a video of a hand moving towards a short glass. Kelly observed the N400 effect during these gesture mismatches. image: Colgate University


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Gesture Volume 2006 Number 2

A new issue of journal Gesture is out. They provide an rss feed for such occasions.

The contents of this issue

If you are interested in studies of gesture, this journal has the latest acedemic developments in most related fields. The only thing it does not cover is technological development. And sign language research is usually reffered to Sign Language Studies or Sign Language Linguistics if it is too specifically about phonology or linguistics. Some of my own research I hope to have published in future issues.

Bus driver fired over finger

In never-never-land across the ocean they simply will not put up with it. A mere bus driver giving the president Bush the finger? I think not. The woman must be fired. And so Republican Rep. Dave Reichert called her boss and arranged matters. It is a no-news story that I would not normally dream of bothering you with. Some lady giving some guy the finger, it must happen thousands of times in exactly the same way. But because the lady lost her job and the US media and politicians are whipping up the story in these elections it has become too big to ignore.

The bus was searched and cleaned afterwards

The national guard was called in to secure the bus 🙂 (source)

Wii Mainstreams Gesture Recognition

Play sports games virtually but with the real movements


The Nintendo Wii controller is starting to hit the big spotlights. Interaction designers, like Matt MacQueen, are noticing the power they can bring to gaming experience. He has written a nice piece reflecting on Wii experiences sofar and projecting trends for the future.

See the huge line for the Nintendo Wii demonstrations at the E3 2006 conference

Update: here is a nice Dutch review of Wii gaming experience.

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Flat Gesture Recognition

Here we find another example of gesture recognition straight from the heavens above.

At Philips they tinkered a bit with Looking Glass and HandVu, and now they have got it: A gesture controlled home environment. Just the thing we will be needing if our future is anything like minority report. What strikes me most is that your gestures appear to be captured from above. You do not gesture at the camera but rather hold up your hands for inspection. It is a posture and not a gesture if ever the two are to be set apart.

I like the way they provided three different interaction means: gestures, touchscreen and mouse. That should provide people with options to explore their preferences. Speech and gesture recognition need not replace mouse and keyboard. Just add it and create multimodal interaction. (We will deal with those silly little integration issues later).

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