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Month: April 2009

Amazing Robot Human

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Wave in Head – Emotional Machines (Human Robot)

Wave in Head is a one-man synthpop project from Germany. Unlike many acts in this genre Wave in Head always had it’s own unique sound. You won’t hear an Access Virus preset bassline and a four to the floor beat for the hundredth time. If you’re into this kind of music and don’t own any Wave in Head CDs yet, hush hush 😉

Did you know?
The first known use of the term robot was by Czech playwright Karel Čapek, who in 1920 wrote a play
called R.U.R.: Rossums Universal Robots. Čapek used the Czech word robot, which means worker or laborer, to describe the mechanical slaves that were portrayed in his play. The first publicly-displayed robots were Elektro and his trusty mechanical dog, Sparko, who were highlighted at the 1939 Worlds Fair Exhibition in New York City. Elektro could dance, smoke and recite a handful of words, while Sparko would happily bark alongside him. Apparently, it is rumored that Sparky was a real babe magnet for Elektro. 😉

I’m sorry for the rather bad video quality, I was already glad I found those free japanese promo videos for creepy female robots. Despite the quality issues, and even though I did not have the patience nor the software for sample-synchron edits, the video works… YAY! 😉

Hmmm, this video made me think: To what extent can modern rock stars, like Madonna, Spears, or Jackson, be considered to be entertainment robots? Most videoclips are better synched but synched nevertheless, there is very little ‘real’ about the average music clip on MTV.

Opera Fool’s Day Face Gestures

Check out the hilarious joke from the folks at Opera Labs. I will let it speak for itself.

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