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The iSnort Demo

This one is about six months old, but I only just saw it. Definitely good for a laugh. And, it goes to show that the iPhone is not so much something that does ‘gesture recognition’. Rather, it has a really sensitive touchscreen and the ability to create various interactions using that touchscreen. Snorting coke is not a gesture, it is a recognizable ‘practical action’ (if you will allow the term here). So, anyone thinking of iPhone apps can consider going in the direction of any well defined action. I just can’t wait to see who will be the first to build iSwaffel.

Download The iSnort v0.1 NOW at This is a demonstration of a simulated Apple iPhone / iTouch Application invented by Directed and Produced by Irish (Belfast-based) Filmmaker / Action Artist Peter ‘Magic’ Johnston. Animation and a Co-Directing credit goes to Steven Henry.

I’m dreaming of a WHITE Christmas… just like the ones I used to BLOW…

The ultimate in last-minute Christmas (or New Year) gifts for iPhone and iPod Touch users.

Forget the Virtual Pint – it’s piss. What YOU need is an unlimited supply of ‘Class A’ Virtual Narcotics.

Be the envy of the in-crowd. Get ejected from pubs and nightclubs. Shock and amaze your so-called friends. Get oral sex from Z-list celebrities.

Introducing The iSnort – an ultra-edgy simulated iPhone / iPod Touch application.

Go on… give it a toot… it’s virtually addictive. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Cocaine.

Download The iSnort v0.1 NOW at for £10 – all future versions and updates are included in this one-off subscription.

Please pass this on. Going Viral on this would be naughty, but nice…


More info:

ROBO-ONE: WR-07 Transformer Robot

Transformer robot

Xbox 360 Project NATAL – Official E3 First Look

Title: Natal / Label: Microsoft
The revolutionary new controller from Microsoft, shown at E3 2009, utlizes a high-def camera as well as audio cues to draw the player into an entirely new realm of fully interactive experience.

Natal, Natal, Natal
Will it put the gamers under its spell?
Or will it be the laggard’s hell?
The ghost of Christmas past?
That has come to MS at last
To tell them stories unbelievable
Of rich interactions tangible
Or enjoyable, fun and emotional?

MANOI GO やるならやらねば!真打バージョン

音楽:Kingrass Hoppers(キングラスホッパーズ) 
ダンス指導:WRECKING CREW ORCHESTRA(レッキングクルーオーケストラ)
5月9日 秋葉原KONDO ROBO SPOTで撮影。
主役のMANOI AT01は私DrGIYがMANOI企画の岡本氏と協力して改造、プログラミングして誕生しました。MANOI GOのGOの意味はGIY&岡本の意味。改造費およそ4倍。



The cat which dances

The cat which dances





Real Transformer Robot CHERUBIM

Real Transformer Robot CHERUBIM

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