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Month: March 2019

Mother Maybelle’s Carter Scratch – A documentary by some of the members themselves, Helen, Johnny and others.

What a wonderfull story told by first Helen, then Johnny Cash, who married June Carter and became the son-in-law of Mother Maybelle. The marriage may well have saved the man from your typical showman’s disasters involving drugs and sex and rock & roll.

And another nice thing to note is the aging voice of Maybelle. She was never a singer with soaring voice but with age she becomes even more careful not to stretch it too far. She stays within her modes range and plays an important harmony role. And she does take the lead in going through the song, and she is always very sure of when to start and when to end a particular part. That is often seen in those who are also strong guitar players, I believe because they have two perspectives on song, the chord progression and the melody.

See more about the Carter Family.

Aging Voices: Don McLean

I find something wonderful in aging voices. Strength gets lost, volume goes down, range decreases and ease vanishes. Still, there is beauty to be found.

Don McLean sings a great version of Vincent. He also sang together with Ed Sheeran a version of this song.

My parents are both aging singers and I hope one day I will be too 🙂

The Carter Family

Here is a nice short documentary about the Carter Family, a musical family that was very important in American country music. The documentary mentions the Carter-style scratch, which I am trying to master, unsuccesfully so far 🙂

And here is a more recent live studio recording that also features Carlene, representing yet another generation of the Carter Family. And a great opportunity to hear Anita Carter sing at a more advanced age, which she did not do in public very often due among others to health considerations. I also love watching June concentrate on playing and singing so intently. In earlier years she was a real front lady but here she takes a more modest role.

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