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My BSL Books

The British are doing it again. Leading the world to a better place. This time it concern books, or stories might be a better word, in sign language, BSL to be exact. I wonder why they keep calling it books? Although my hearing kids sometimes listen to ‘Spoken Books’ on CDs, hmm.¬†Thanks to Gavin Howard for the link.

MyBSLbooks: Welcome to – the World’s first free online library of signed books. We are delighted to share with you a range of popular children’s books, available for the first time in British Sign Language. This site offers D/deaf children, their families and schools wider access to their favourite stories in the preferred language of the Deaf Community.

Well, the site only contains about eight DVD’s so far. And it’s hardly a library since it doesn’t cover any books published by anyone else, and I don’t know if lending instead of buying is an option. The site is copyrighted by Lexicon/Signstream, so I guess they somehow own it.

Come to think of it, the Dutch site Vi-Taal – De Gebarenwinkel has had a similar offering out there for years, and also offers a lot of other sign language goodies. And the Nederlands Gebarencentrum has a few DVDs as well. But well done all the same, you wonderful Britons.

Nijntje Signs

Nijntje DVD in Nederlandse Gebarentaal (NGT)

There is a new DVD for kids created and sold bij Nederlands Gebarencentrum with translations or enactments of ten Nijntje stories in NGT.
It is the first of it’s kind in NGT, but similar to this ASL video of Click-clack Moo. In both cases the images of the children’s books animate the story. But in the Nijntje example the ‘storyteller’ dressed up like the Nijntje character. Funny though that may be it seems a bit beside the point. The voice-over in spoken Nijntje DVD’s does not represent the voice of Nijntje but is a storyteller. But here I go again with the sour comments. Stop it! It’s fun and good.

ps. It reminded me of Woof woof way, an ASL DVD where the storyteller dressed up as Paws, the dawg.

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