Patrick G. T. Healey, Chris Frauenberger, Marco Gillies & Stuart Battersby:
Experimenting with non-verbal interaction

For me personally, one of the more interesting posters was explained to me by Stuart Battersby (his page), of Queen Mary, University of London. He was working on theory from Interaction Studies, whcih I would also like to apply in robotics. He did not work on robotics but he wanted to create an experimental environment to test observations from interaction studies. This would be done with virtual environments where people are not communicating directly but through avatars. Then, he could tinker with their behavior without the participants knowing. Very clever.

Some literature he was using:
– Most of Kendon’s stuff (conducting interaction, stuff from the 90’s papers): F-frames
– Furuyama (here)
– Early work by Asli Özyürek (regarding spatial relationships)
– Older stuff from Goffman, Scheflen…