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Microsoft Surface

Microsoft is making a big deal out of their Surface. Basically, it is a regular computer with some fancy software that works together with a new type of table sized touchscreen. It enables people to work with the ten fingers of two hands or with artefacts (multi-touch) and it is sensitive to pressure. This idea was most eloquently presented by Jeff Han earlier, maybe Microsoft bought the idea?

Anyway, here it is, one of the most expensive tables you will ever desire:

Microsoft Surface parody (source)

See also Ianus’ Cabinet and Palette, the Studiolab Surface.

Pallete, the Studiolab Surface

It seems a student in my own backyard has been working on a multi-touch surface computer. His name is Arjen Klinkenberg and he is graduating on this design and the tests he did on it.

Participants in a usability test playing ‘Airhockey’ (source)

Here is the invitation he sent around for his presentation, in case you happen to be in the neighbourhood of Delft University of Technology 🙂

Dear All,
Next week on wednesday I’m graduating on the design of a rich media tool for supporting conceptual design sessions. The result of this project is a gesture-based multi touch interactive table-top called Palette. With Palette multiple people can collect and generate design relevant content during conceptual design sessions by having direct control over the touchable media. I would like to invite you to my presentation which is on wednesday the 27th of june starting at 13:45h in room 4B-65/66 in the faculty [map].
Kind regards, Arjen Klinkenberg

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