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Category: Religious Gestures

Funny Gesture Ad: Devil or God

Here is a picture from the Dutch site It asks kids to choose between listening to the Devil or God (and invites them to come to a lecture). They are worried about children listening to music that does not carry the word of God, praise the Lord, etc. In fact, all (pop) music about love (not aimed at God), sex, having a good time, is considered diabolical.

Invitation to lecture about the presence of the devil in pop music

Pretty cocky to expect kids will make the desired choice when forced. What would you choose?

Ruud de Wild as Christ on the Radio

Ruud de Wild, the barely disguised saviour of our ears?

Ruud de Wild is a DJ (and uomo universalis) who has prime time shows on the Dutch Radio. He switched to Q-Music in 2007 and this is one of their recent ads. Some people are complaining now but it is still going. There is a billboard poster too:

In the news: Brabants Dagblad: Op posters en in tv-spotjes is De Wild afgebeeld op een manier die doet denken aan een Christusfiguur. Op zijn T-shirt staat een hart omringd met stralen, net zoals Christus soms wordt weergegeven.

It took me a few moments to dig up this image of Christ that looks very similar:

Jesus and Mary Magdalene
Jesus and his wife (?) Mary posing as Ruud de Wild (source)

What is on the heart exactly? I cannot read it. Does anyone know?

Update: The heart on Ruud’s shirt reads ‘Q is good for you’ while the heart of Christ the King is adorned with the crown or a ring of thorns.

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