Het gebarenboekje (via boekbalie.nl)

Pat Andrea & Herman Pieter de Boer Baarn, 1993
Uitgeverij: Fontein, De ISBN: 90-261-0621-1
Serietitel: Fontein pocket special Nederlands

Pat Andrea illustrated and Herman Pieter de Boer wrote descriptions for countless Dutch cultural gestures. Together the pair authored four books, during the last 30 years:

* Nederlands gebarenboekje (1979)
* Nieuw Nederlands gebarenboekje (1982)
* Het gebarenboekje (1993)
* Het Groot gebarenboek der Lage Landen (2004)

I picked up the 1993 book a few weeks ago and it proved to be a delight to read. As a book on cultural gestures it is wonderfully free of the exaggerated stories of cross-cultural mix-ups that might occur (see also my 150 euro reward). Instead the book provides light hearted descriptions of how a gesture is made, with variations, and typical meanings in the different appropriate contexts. Somehow the illustrations often involve images of scantily clad ladies (perhaps the artist prefers scenery from the Red Light district). It is obvious that the authors are not scientifically motivated, but are simply enjoying a bit of Dutch culture which they try to pass on to readers. I heartily recommend Andre & De Boer for anyone who wants to share the fun of Dutch Manwatching.