To track news of local Deaf communities and sign language check and AnnieS. Both are up-to-date, usefull and well designed (nice and clean). has an rss-feed, which AnnieS lacks. However, for links to other organisations see Dovenschap.

Now, AnnieS is also producing and broadcasting TV items quite regularly. And they do it very well I must say. They use .wvx files for Windows media player, which most people have anyway. The image and sound quality is good. Everything is subtitled and/or interpreted. Did you know we have elections coming up? Well if you are Deaf and considering voting, check out their interview with Dutch PM Jan Peter Balkenende (video).

Or check the interview with the chairman of Dovenschap, Benny Elferink, for voting counsel. Nice to know AnnieS TV is there if you ever just want to check some footage of signed conversations in NGT (or SLN).

What is PM Balkenende signing to you? (source) also posts about the events surrounding Balkenende. They have a very active group of responders (comments).