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Ruud de Wild as Christ on the Radio

Ruud de Wild, the barely disguised saviour of our ears?

Ruud de Wild is a DJ (and uomo universalis) who has prime time shows on the Dutch Radio. He switched to Q-Music in 2007 and this is one of their recent ads. Some people are complaining now but it is still going. There is a billboard poster too:

In the news: Brabants Dagblad: Op posters en in tv-spotjes is De Wild afgebeeld op een manier die doet denken aan een Christusfiguur. Op zijn T-shirt staat een hart omringd met stralen, net zoals Christus soms wordt weergegeven.

It took me a few moments to dig up this image of Christ that looks very similar:

Jesus and Mary Magdalene
Jesus and his wife (?) Mary posing as Ruud de Wild (source)

What is on the heart exactly? I cannot read it. Does anyone know?

Update: The heart on Ruud’s shirt reads ‘Q is good for you’ while the heart of Christ the King is adorned with the crown or a ring of thorns.


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