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Small Penis Gesture

In the news today: the Australian Roads and Traffic Agency (RTA) has launched a campaign to demotivate drivers from speeding:

No one thinks big of you
The video is good too.

The RTA hopes this small gesture will have a bigger impact on young men than images of bloody car crash victims. I think it probably will.


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  1. greg bennett

    Someday you will realise this sort of advertising (or any advertising) to stop the young from speeding just wont work. End of dtory and stop wasting money.
    Simple solution is to govern all cars speed limits. Simple to do. Do you realise that my daggy old 2003 ford falcon wagon 6cyl actually does 180Kmph ????? WTF… Why is this so.
    We can govern cars so they can still be resonsive and tow loads its just a matter of governing the speeds. Once a decade or so goes past people will be quite used to not going any faster that 120kmph.
    You a soooooo off course in this advertising you try.
    Australin Vehicle standards keep allowing fast cars to be produced. That where the finger should be pointed. Anyway you will probably do nothing and still do these silly ads (thats most actually find amusing)

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