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Prize for Bionic Hand

In the UK, the i-Limb has won an innovation prize. It is a prosthesis with fingers that can move independently (I would think that certain motor programs require a very close ‘functioning together’ of the fingers, but perhaps they incorporated such things). It gets its input from myoelectric signals from the arm’s muscles.

i-Limb by Touch Bionics (source BBC)


ERC grant Onno Crasborn


Ninja Strike Airtime


  1. Ali Mert

    The functioning of the iLimb is actually quite similar to the functioning of other myoelectric prostheses. it can flex and extend the fingers. The difference with others is that you can, by opposing some fingers of the prosthetic hand with the healthy hand, you can create different hand positions. So it’s so-so-selective.

  2. katie honey

    i cant even find where the prosthetic hand begin:(

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