Christian Stoessel, Hartmut Wandke & Lucienne Blessing:
Gestural interfaces for elderly users: Help or hindrance?
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Christian starts out by pointing towards the changing demographics (Dutch ‘vergrijzing’). There will be many elderly people. Or perhaps  better, many people above 65 years, because these people may be more healthy in body and mind than previous generations of elderly (is that true?).

There is a somewhat optimistic view of the potential of gesture technology, in the sense that he thinks it is possible to identify sets of ‘intuitive’ gestures in a gestural interface. In the end he is measuring accuracy with which people performed gestures, rather than if they were intuitive or not.

Regarding the reality of creating a set of ‘intuitive’ gestures. He expands nicely on ‘intuitiveness’ as being something that is fuzzy. They don’t mean a gesture is intuitive from the start, but perhaps it will be more easy to remember.