My brother in law Coen sent me a link to a YouTube video about a digital drawing board: It raises a nice question: Is sketching gesturing? Two easy answers: Yes, it falls under gesture because it is movement that is intended to communicate (or movement that expresses intention. No, it is different because it is not the movement itself but rather the result, the lines drawn, that convey the message. A few observations about sketching and gesturing: (1) If you would like to sketch but do not have pen and paper, you may very well revert to gesturing and ‘sketch in the air’. (2) If you explain a sketch it will often include gestures that enrich or clarify the message contained in the sketch. (3) There is style of drawing and painting that refers to gesture. It is called gesture drawing or action painting. The main idea is that the resulting art should capture or even show the original movements, for those are deemed an important expressive power. The Pirates (source) I am afraid I will leave the question unanswered for you for now. You are cordially invited to share your opinion. I will point you to an interesting book that, in my opinion is a must read to study the relation between gesturing and sketching: André Leroi-Gourhan (1964-65). Le geste et la parole, Paris, Albin Michel. ( English translation by AnnaBostock Berger, 1999: Gesture and Speech, MIT Press. An excellent review by Copple in Gesture. And to be frank, I did not read beyond Copple’s review yet, so I want to wait before making any sweeping statements on the issue. I do like the overall theory that both gesture and drawing are tied to our capacity for symbolic communication (but that is such a general remark it is almost trivial).