It seems a student in my own backyard has been working on a multi-touch surface computer. His name is Arjen Klinkenberg and he is graduating on this design and the tests he did on it.

Participants in a usability test playing ‘Airhockey’ (source)

Here is the invitation he sent around for his presentation, in case you happen to be in the neighbourhood of Delft University of Technology 🙂

Dear All,
Next week on wednesday I’m graduating on the design of a rich media tool for supporting conceptual design sessions. The result of this project is a gesture-based multi touch interactive table-top called Palette. With Palette multiple people can collect and generate design relevant content during conceptual design sessions by having direct control over the touchable media. I would like to invite you to my presentation which is on wednesday the 27th of june starting at 13:45h in room 4B-65/66 in the faculty [map].
Kind regards, Arjen Klinkenberg