When I worked at KPN Telecom in 2001 we developed and patented an idea for a Personal Call Assistant: ELECTRONIC CALL ASSISTANTS WITH SHARED DATABASE (Wipo, Esp@ce)

Patent picture

A telephone exchange (1) arranged to communicate with communication units (2, 3, 4, 5, 7) and to provide a plurality of electronic call assistants to the communication units, a first electronic call assistant (12) being provided to a first communication unit (2) and a second electronic call assistant (14) to a second communication unit (4), the first electronic call assistant (12) having access to a distinct first database (36), the second electronic call assistant (14) having access to a distinct second database (38), wherein the first (12) and second (14) electronic call assistants share a common database (40).

Alex Vieira, who works at the EPO, pointed out to me that the patent had become available, since for a long time I think it was just kept ‘pending’. But now it appears to be filed worldwide (WO0150720), in Europe (EP1247392), and the Netherlands (NL1014528C).

Does anyone remember Wildfire? It seems to still be around here, and here, or listen to a demo here. It was the leading PCA at the time. They had filed original patents, to which we had to refer.

Unfortunately, the patent is not mine, it is owned by the company KPN Telecom. They did pay me a bonus for it: one silver US dollar. I thought it was a nice gesture.