There is a fun company called Crabfu, which is basically one guy called I-Wei. He creates great steam powered robots, 3D art and animation and all sorts of robots with cute motion control (swatchbots). The funny thing about his swatchbots is that he uses direct control of the actuators which create the movement, see for example in this video of his R/C Tortoise:

It does remind me a bit of a tortoise

There is a more complete coverage of his work and an interview with him by Discovery channel:

Can someone please give him a job?

So, instead of just being able to steer the robot ‘forward’ you need to work out, on your R/C how to move the limbs? As if you are learning to walk all over again. Would people like to get down to this basic level of motion control? Would it feel funny to get your bot to go where you want it? Maybe. At the very least, his robots do provide a cute impression.

Some of his robots almost feel a bit vulnerable or helpless, because they have such trouble moving forward. It reminded me of Hall Object (or Dibbes), the ‘gezellige robot‘ that was built to live in the hall of the NPS/Vara building and endear the people who worked there.