More important than politics, semiotics, science and art is of course… cricket. The noble game of hitting a ball and running back and forth dominates the lives of countless anglophiles throughout the former commonwealth.

Men will be boys? (source)

And now it appears that Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul Haq made an insulting gesture to umpire Darrell Hair, resulting in Hair’s leaving of the match against England, effectively ending it. Unfortunately, there is no picture of the actual gesture. It’s like with cricketer Darren Lehmann, the web is silent. There is only this strange description:

“Inzamam then made a waving gesture to which Hair took great exception and walked out. One explanation is that the Australian umpire felt the gesture was insulting to anyone who knew anything about Pakistani culture.” (source DNA Indiae)

Was it like this one from Shoaib Akhtar? (source)

So, has anyone seen it and are you willing to share an event so uncharacteristic of the grounds with this audience? Was the insult obvious to all bystanders or was Hair overly sensitive? Or did Inzamam think he could be clever and insult the umpire in a way that it would be clear for them both but not for anyone else. Did he think Hair would not be able to act on it if nobody else saw it? I think this sort of complex reasoning might be how the perception of insults sometimes works.