I once bought a very nice CD-rom from Effatha-Guyot with 19 signed children’s rhymes. The short songs or poems (not sure what to call them exactly) are by Diny Visch and Arie Terpstra.

Here is an example of the title-rhyme called ‘The Elephant and the Mouse’:

Original title: “Van de Olifant en de Muis… Peuterliedjes in Nederlandse Gebarentaal”

These signed poetic expressions (still struglling) are interesting. They demonstrate several aspects of how one can play with sign language: rhythm, handshape repetition, movement repetition, symmetry (or alternation), etc. And it is a rare example of something that is actually tailored to very small kids (without a biblical background).

Update April 19: I finally found out the videos did not play for anyone but me, so here they are again.