Dutch soccer referee Braamhaar made a jubilant gesture after Ajax scored 1-5 against PSV. The gesture was picked up immediately by angry PSV fans. They took offense being given the opportunity to unleash their anger at someone else than their own failing side.

referee cheers

Braamhaar: “Ik had de voordeel regel prima doorgevoerd bij de actie van Tom de Mul, waaruit het doelpunt viel. Dan mag een scheidsrechter ook wel trots zijn op zichzelf”, aldus Braamhaar tegenover Tien. (Deutsch)

English: Braamhaar said he was not pleased with the goal, but was proud because he made a correct decision. “it was a nice moment for me. I saw a foul but gave the advantage. It’s nice to see a decision come out well for the disadvantaged team.”

One could say the ref was a bit careless about PSV feelings. One could also call the PSV fans a bunch of oversensitive cry-babies. But I am from the general area of Eindhoven, so I will refrain from further comment.