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One CareBot ™ One Family

At my new workplace, TNO, we had a modest celebration today: Two robot projects in which we will be cooperating have been approved by the EC (three cheers for the authors of the proposals RL and MN!). One of those is concerned with robotics in healthcare, which brings me to the next video:

From Gecko Systems (check out more movies) comes this would-be personal robot nurse. The people in this movie appear slightly na├»ve in their childish enthusiasm but it’s nevertheless good to have such glimpses of the future. Who knows, perhaps you and I will be nursed by such machines? A thought I find somewhat disturbing, I must confess.

One family’s experience with a robot companion for their Mother.

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Robot Love: Sex In The Digital Age

Scientists from The Netherlands predict that there will be a lot of robot love in the future. In episode #20 of pop!talk, superstar Ebonia explores sex in the digital age and its implications for mankind today.

I read about this guy, David Levy, in a Dutch local newssite (here). He went to do his PhD in Maastricht (here), because the British were too uptight to allow his topic…

Japanese Crawling Robot

Japanese performance artist Momoyo Torimitsu takes her robot for a crawl in downtown Sydney, Australia. Crowds watch the bizarre sight of the life-like Japanese businessman in suit and tie slowly crawling on all fours along the pavement. The robot is a symbol of the Japan’s rigid Salaryman culture.
Reuters 104240026

The helpless nature of this robot reminds me of Hal object, except of course for the wonderful lifelike face and body movement of the robot. I think they did a good job of creating a crawling impression. And the grey bits of hair on the sweaty forehead are brilliant.

It would be a very good idea, for future projects in robot entertainment, to partner with a performance artist. Maybe Monica Antezana would still be interested.

Largest Robot Exhibition

The largest industrial robot exhibition ever held took place in Tokyo, Japan in December 2005. It featured a dinosaur robot walking on two legs, a life-like female robot and a concierge robot.

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