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Tag: CES 2009

Demo of Orange Vallee’s gesture-controlled TV, with Softkinetics technology

This video from the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show shows how you can control your TV using hand gestures that are detected by the 3-D camera atop the TV. Softkinetics does the software, a Swiss company does the depth camera, and Orange Vallee will deploy it in its interactive TV network

Sixense shows off its magnet-based gesture control system for games

Jeff Bellinghausen of Sixense shows a magnet-based gesture control system . It works for the personal computer and lets you have a far more accurate gesture-control system in a game compared to the Nintendo Wii

Hitachi shows off Canesta’s 3-D depth camera for a gesture-controlled TV

Canesta showed off a demo at the International Consumer Electronics show in Hitachi’s booth. Basically, the 3-D depth camera can detect your movements. Hitachi used this system to create a gesture-controlled TV. You don’t need a remote control.

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