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Ballroom Dance Robot

Video taken of the Ballroom dancing robot at WIRED Nextfest

Although they obviously spent a lot of time and energy on creating this robot I can’t imagine that it will ever be a good dancer if it merely follows the motions, if it can only be led. There will inevitably be a short gap that will prevent real synchrony in movements, which is exactly what you want to achieve during dancing. But then again, most peple don’t get in full synchrony with each other either…

Jubilations with Mr. DJ

In celebration of getting a new job at TNO, with great opportunities to do all sorts of interesting stuff with gesture recognition and robots!

Also, a merry X-mas and a happy new year to you all too! Thanks for the tip to Björnd, my brother, he owns one of these lovely old robots, called Mr. DJ (created by Tomy in the eighties).

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