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Sixense TrueMotion Presentation at NVISION08 – Highlights

Highlights of the Sixense TrueMotion presentation at NVISION08. See the full length videos for more information.

Hmm, it looks quite good, but is it essentially different from the Nintendo Wii? However finegrained the input or robust the sensor mechanisms, there will always remain a matching process between the gestures (the physical actions) and your virtual actions in the game. And that is something you need to learn for every game. In fact, this learning process is a large part of the gaming experience, in my opinion. So, I am not sure that this is actually better than the Wii. But, if they can actually capitalise on their ‘far more accurate gesture-control system’ and create a good gaming and learning experience with it (improving your ‘golf gesture’ over the course of time, for example) then I believe it will succeed.

Protected: R2-D2 DVD Projector By Nikko

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Robot Violinist from Toyota

How is this for an entertaining robot. It plays the violin. Why it needs a humanoid shape to do this is beyond me though.

Child Robot with Good Eyes

Here is a really nice robot with eyes that actually allow you to see where he is looking! Quite good, I definitely would put that sort of thing in a robot.

Quite a few people find this robot scary, by the way. Would it be the same as with how a robot looks: appreciation rises if it more human until it suddenly falls when it becomes too human?

Besides the eyes, there is also some facial expression even if it is only through opening and closing of the eyes.

QRIO interacting with kids

This is the good stuff. Do you see how a bit of interaction (even if it is scripted) creates a magical impression? How difficult can it be to program stuff like this if you know what you want?

Sony’s QRIO discontinued 2006

Here is a golden oldie from Sony, QRIO.

Unfortunately they stopped work on QRIO in 2006.

Asimo at Robo Japan 2008

The most interesting developments with Asimo, as far as I am concerned, were the gesture recognition routines. Sadly, there was none of that in his latest appearance at Robo Japan 2008. The camera is used ‘only’ to detect humans, receive objects from them or hand them over. That is an interesting trick too.

ASIMO uses eye cameras on its head and force sensors on its wrists to detect the motion of people. It can reliably hand objects to people, and receive them as well.

Robo ONE competition

Day one of the ROBO-ONE 14 competition in Yokohama featured champion OmniZero.7 doing his usual outstanding job of surprising and delighting both the judges and the crowds. For more information visit Robots Dreams at http://www.robots-dreams.com

ROBO ONE is a competition between robots with a jury. Kind of a beauty pageant, I guess.

Asimo dancing

Here, four Asimo robots are dancing a really nice choreography. Quite entertaining, but not because of how they interact with humans. It is entertaining to see how someone managed to build a robot with the right movement parameters and then managed to program it to dance in this way.  One could also admire the aesthetics of the movements or of the synchronization.

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