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Xbox 360 Project NATAL – Official E3 First Look

Title: Natal / Label: Microsoft
The revolutionary new controller from Microsoft, shown at E3 2009, utlizes a high-def camera as well as audio cues to draw the player into an entirely new realm of fully interactive experience.

Natal, Natal, Natal
Will it put the gamers under its spell?
Or will it be the laggard’s hell?
The ghost of Christmas past?
That has come to MS at last
To tell them stories unbelievable
Of rich interactions tangible
Or enjoyable, fun and emotional?

Sixense TrueMotion Presentation at NVISION08 – Highlights

Highlights of the Sixense TrueMotion presentation at NVISION08. See the full length videos for more information.

Hmm, it looks quite good, but is it essentially different from the Nintendo Wii? However finegrained the input or robust the sensor mechanisms, there will always remain a matching process between the gestures (the physical actions) and your virtual actions in the game. And that is something you need to learn for every game. In fact, this learning process is a large part of the gaming experience, in my opinion. So, I am not sure that this is actually better than the Wii. But, if they can actually capitalise on their ‘far more accurate gesture-control system’ and create a good gaming and learning experience with it (improving your ‘golf gesture’ over the course of time, for example) then I believe it will succeed.

Robosapien loves mariokart!

Since i got my ds lite robsapien is playing mariokart non-stop! he’s already very good at snaking…i guess i’ll have to get him his own lite. 🙂
Sorry ’bout the P-logo, it was too late to fix it.

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