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Robot Man Hajime Sakamoto

Hajime Sakamoto is the founder of the Hajime Research Institute and creator of an impressive series of robots. He recently hit the news big time with ‘Hajime 33’.

It’s tall. It’s weird. It has gigantic eyebrows. And it plays soccer. Meet ‘Hajime 33’.

BotropolisDBLP (publications)


More info: http://www.pinktentacle.com/2009/06/ninomiya-kun-book-reading-robot/

CEATEC JAPAN 2008: HITACHI Gesture operation TV


This looks like it is actually heading in the right direction. The gestures appear well implemented, as could be expected from the boys of GestureTek. And the use of the Canesta Vision chips (more here) appears to be very effective as well. There is a decent review of this Hitachi TV over here at Take a Plunge…

The TV uses single-chip-based 3-D sensors provided by Canesta and the software created by GestureTek.

The Canesta’s sensors in the TV will collect a 3-D image of everything in the room. This 3-D technology helps it to recognize your hand from a printed hand on your t shirt or in any other object in the room. It recognizes different people and your hand when you stick out your hand for controlling the TV.

The gestures are simple and culturally sensitive. Gesturetek the software makes it easier for the users to control the TV according to their movements. You will also have alternate methods to control the TV.

A user of the new Hitachi TV set can get the control bar with just a wave of the hand
Spin the wrist – activate scroll wheel
Swipe left or right – browse options
Two hands – switch to a different function

As you can see in this next video, they created a wonderful GUI, an interface to go with the gestures. You are not left alone gesturing in thin air, no, you get good feedback on the screen about your gestures. This greatly resembles the old Playstation EyeToy (see here), also made by GestureTek.

Japanese Body Language

I did this video for my culture project and thought some of you would be interested in seeing it.
I’m sorry for giving you the finger 😛

Tokyo Toy Show 2008

Impression of the Tokyo Toy Show

Couple of highlights:
Stuff from Takara Tomy: Eve and Wall-E robots, i-Sobot customizations
Light Sabre fencing from Bandai.

Sega’s love robot E.M.A. at the Tokyo Toy Show 2008?
Looks exactly like WowWee’s Femisapien to me… Give us a kiss then, little one 🙂

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