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Static Irish Sign Language Recognition System

This is a demo of hand segmentation, tracking and recognition to perform irish SL alphabets. It was done in School of Computing, Dublin City University, Ireland. produced by Tommy Coogan, George Awad, Jeff Han, & supervised by Dr. Alistair Sutherland

This is hardly sign language and it hardly qualifies as a gesture recognition system, but I still wanted to note this video down for future reference. I do see Jeff Han as one of co-producers and he previously made really nice ‘multi-touch gestures’ (here). Alistair Sutherland (here) is doing more interesting projects on gesture recognition as well, see below:

This kind of hand and face tracking is something that Jeroen Lichtenauer (here) spent a lot of time working on in our Elo project.

Japanese Body Language

I did this video for my culture project and thought some of you would be interested in seeing it.
I’m sorry for giving you the finger 😛

Beginning Brazilian Portuguese: Gestures

From the University of Arizona Critical Languages Series – Beginning Brazilian Portuguese CD-ROM, see http://clp.arizona.edu/cls

Chinese Body Language

Things to know.

Hitchhiker- Cultural Shock

How to ask somebody for a ride?
What’s the meaning of “thumb up”???
Ooh… becareful

Gestures in language development

Gesture 8:2 came out recently. It is a special issue on ‘Gestures in language development’. Amanda Brown, a friend who stayed at the MPI doing PhD research, published a paper on Gesture viewpoint in Japanese and English: Cross-linguistic interactions between two languages in one speaker. Marianne Gullberg, Kees de Bot and Virginia Volterra wrote an introductory chapter ‘Gestures and some key issues in the study of language development‘. Kees de Bot (LinkedIn) is a professor in Groningen working on (second) language acquisition.

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