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takara tomy micropets-i miniature robot pets: cute overkill

for more cool gadgets and gizmos:

These tiny little AI animals from Japan’s TakaraTomy are so cute, you’ll want to puke.

Tele-operation @ office #02

recorded video stream of a bird eye cam located in front of the robot

Tele-operation @ office #01

recorded video stream of a bird eye cam located in front of the robot

Wiimote + 15 Tonnes ‘Robot’ Arm

Lately, I have been studying the teleoperation of UGVs. Many people have tried various forms of gestural interaction to ‘teleoperate’ robots or robotic arms. Here is a nice, larger-than-life example where they control a robotic arm with a Wiimote.

15 tonnes of steel, 200 bar of hydraulic pressure and a control system written in Python. Oh, and a Wiimote.

To be quite honest, I do not think that using a Wiimote for teleoperation is a good idea at all. The only immediate advantage of using a Wiimote instead of using a more elaborate manual controller may well be a better ‘walk-up-and-use’ intuitiveness, although one still has to learn how the Wiimote ‘commands’ are mapped to the robotic arm’s motions, much as one needs to learn this with any other controller. A disadvantage may lie in the limited precision and the limited number of commands that the Wiimote offers. I think it all boils down to a basic ergonomical design of a manual controller for teleoperation. Operators must be able to (learn to) map the controllers options (degrees of freedom and commands) to the robot’s options (degrees of freedom and functions). This will likely involve a lot of prototyping and user testing to see what works best, but there is also quite a large literature on this topic (some of which originates from my current workplace at TNO, for example by Van Erp en by De Vries).

One CareBot ™ One Family

At my new workplace, TNO, we had a modest celebration today: Two robot projects in which we will be cooperating have been approved by the EC (three cheers for the authors of the proposals RL and MN!). One of those is concerned with robotics in healthcare, which brings me to the next video:

From Gecko Systems (check out more movies) comes this would-be personal robot nurse. The people in this movie appear slightly naïve in their childish enthusiasm but it’s nevertheless good to have such glimpses of the future. Who knows, perhaps you and I will be nursed by such machines? A thought I find somewhat disturbing, I must confess.

One family’s experience with a robot companion for their Mother.

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More info: http://www.pinktentacle.com/2009/06/ninomiya-kun-book-reading-robot/

MANOI GO やるならやらねば!真打バージョン

音楽:Kingrass Hoppers(キングラスホッパーズ) 
ダンス指導:WRECKING CREW ORCHESTRA(レッキングクルーオーケストラ)
5月9日 秋葉原KONDO ROBO SPOTで撮影。
主役のMANOI AT01は私DrGIYがMANOI企画の岡本氏と協力して改造、プログラミングして誕生しました。MANOI GOのGOの意味はGIY&岡本の意味。改造費およそ4倍。



The cat which dances

The cat which dances



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