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Albert van Breemen, Robot Man at Philips

There is a very good dutch blogger, called Albert van Breemen, on http://www.personalrobotics.nl/. I got to him when I was checking out the i-QBOT, which he reviewed extensively.

From his About: Albert van Breemen is a Senior Projectleader at Philips Research Laboratories Eindhoven, The Netherlands. He received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of Twente (Enschede, The Netherlands). His thesis describes an agent-based software architecture for integrating multiple control algorithms into an overall well performing system and it has been applied to systems such as room thermostats and mobile robots. In 2001 he started working at Philips Research where he has been active for almost 5 years in the field of Ambient Intelligence. He is the motivator behind the robotic research activities at Philips Research and he is a pioneer on robot middleware architectures and human-robot interaction research. In 2004 he initiated the development of the iCat user-interface robot, which he turned into a commercial product one year later. The iCat user-interface robot is sold to universities and research laboratories in order to stimulate human-robot interaction research. His current focus is on setting up a worldwide iCat Research Community and preparing the development of a robotic consumer product. In 2005 Time Magazine labelled the iCat as one of “The Coolest Inventions”. From 2004 till 2006 Albert van Breemen helped establishing the EUropean Robotics Platform (EUROP) and he did hold the Service Robotics chair within the Executive Board of EUROP.


G-Speak from Oblong Industries


I-Qbot, a course in robotics for 700 euro


  1. Gerda v.d. Pol

    Hoi Albert,
    Heb je al wat gehoord van afgelopen vrijdag?
    Je zou een belangrijk gesprek hebben toch!
    Wat is er uit gekomen?
    Groeten van Rien en Gerda

    • Jeroen

      Hallo Gerda, ik denk dat je verkeerd bent verbonden 🙂
      Groet, Jeroen

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