Alexis Heloir & Michael Kipp:
Requirements for a gesture specification language
His page

Alexis is an old online acquaintance, see for example this story concerning Vervets that he pointed out to me. He has been working on the synthesis of gesture in a project called Samsara. And he recently finished his PhD at the University of Bretagne Sud and started working in Saarbrucken, Germany:

Sadly enough, I missed his lecture this morning (sorry Alexis) as I was too busy with catching some sleep after a few weeks of little sleep. He talked about different gesture description languages: BML, the Behavior Markup Language, MURML a markup language developed by Stefan Kopp & Co for Max and other ECA’s, and something he calls LV, which was developed for French Sign Language. Apparently, he pointed out some shortcomings of MURML which sparked comments from the home crowd here. But well, I guess I should have been there to say anything about it. 🙁