Who does not love Google Earth?
It is free, it is fun, it is useful and usable.
What more could anyone want?

I am the eye in the sky (source)

Well… some people, like Dan Phiffer and Mushon Zer-Aviv, want a gesture interface to Google Earth. Check out their DIY gesture recognition with Atlas Gloves. They use a dual-layer projection, like in the Playstation Eye-Toy and Xbox. The software is open source and downloadable. So anyone can try to get it working, and people do.

I wonder: will Google Earth be that Killer Gesture Application?

Perhaps the combination of being able to gesture and using a big projection on the wall is what makes it so good? Google Earth looks nice on a big screen. And gesture recognition needs a bit of distance between user and camera. So it works nicely in this case. Some of the functionality may however be difficult, like entering city names or coordinates.

Here are some guys who use a fancy two-handed touchscreen to create a speech and gesture interface. They use the speech recognition for entering city names and specific commands like layer activation. How would the Atlas gloves do that for you?