A colleague of mine called Ianus Keller, developed The Cabinet during his PhD work here at the TU Delft. It is a device to scan and digitally collect images for further usage in collages and the like. It has gesture recognition in the sense that you can use a stylus on the touchsensitive tabletop display to manipulate images and perform certain functions.

Ever dreamed of being the world’s premier digital collage building designer? (source)

Inspired by his work a group at the TU Eindhoven recently made news headlines with Blue Eyes (pdfvideo), their version of a Cabinet-like scanning and collecting device. They also use gestures to manipulate the images. You can even use both hands in certain gestures. The hands are tracked by the overhead camera, there is no touch-sensitive display involved it appears. I would think that a multi-touch solution would fit the design nicely as well.

They use it to make mood boards. Do you know the difference between a collage and a mood board? (source)