Here are some Czech gestures and taboos. Czechs are said not to be extravagant gesturers (which is confirmed by the Canadian foreign affairs office) .

Prague: Not used to such lively world leaders?

The finger counting is similar to that of the French, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the rules are flexible in the Czech republic as well. Hitchhikers be warned to keep your thumbs clearly up, since pointing at the ground refers to prostitution (?). I was also told that it’s rude to point at a person or even to wave a finger in the air.

And what do you think this biker signals? Best not done on a Czech road?

Pointing to (or tapping on) the forehead or temple is an interesting gesture to check cross-culturally. It is said to mean ‘you are stupid’ for Czechs. I know there are cases where it can mean ‘smart of you’ instead, or Understand. But perhaps the facial expression will control the negative or positive connotation of the reference to mental capacities. Or the locations forehead and temple might differentiate meaning?