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Ellen Fricke

Ellen Fricke:
Sign or non-sign? Abstraction and concretization in an Uexküll-based model for multimodal interaction
her page

Her talk inspired me to read up on Jakob von Uexküll and biosemiotics.Interesting stuff, though somewhat elusive. Can’t say much about it yet though, still chewing on it. There are some interesting thoughts about gesturing plants and gesturing animals brewing though. Those are things I find quite interesting.


Alexis Heloir on Languages to Describe Gestures


The 2010 ISGS conference


  1. Onno

    You’re saying you have already read Jakob’s work? The talk only finished five minutes ago…. Wow…. You’re much faster than me anyway;I need your summaries to cope with the information overload at a conference like this…

  2. Jeroen

    Well I didn’t read his work, just his wikipedia entry (and the one about biosemiotics).

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