Some YouTube movies barely need introduction:

Touchlight is a technology that Eon Reality licensed from Microsoft that permits gesture based control of EON’s 3D visualizations“.

The whole thing smells of Minority Report. You stand and gesture majestically in front of a glass display with layered holographic projection. Yet no gloves are required. The three cameras allow the capture of depth. We are also using a stereocamera at the moment to get better results with our sign language recognition. It is hard to say at this point how much better that will work, but it seems to contribute to better tracking of the hands (less occlusions).

The combination of gesturing and working with the surface seems promising. But during gesturing it seems the hands need to be near to the surface and movements are always oriented to the surface. That means many subtle gestural patterns one finds in natural gestures are not exploited. Handshape changes are not used. Orientation of the movement towards the face or body is not used. But of course you can play with the relation between the hands and the projection surface.

All in all, nice developments and very nice movie. [tags]gesture recognition, multi-touch, holographic projection[/tags]