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Garfield Gestures More

A wrote about the gestures I saw Garfield (and Jon) make in six months of their comic a while ago. It is now the single most popular page on this site. So, I decided to browse the ones from April 2006 to now as well. (done till May 27)

Garfield showing many gestures

‘Real’ Pointing point-caught-in-action point-rude point-focus-attention point-accusation
Index-finger-up point-index-up-attention 2 3 making-a-point 2 announcement
Palm-presenting p-p-classic-triad palm-presenting-2hands-out 2 3 4
Palm-down Affectionate-granting-dismissal-wave
Palm-out 2hands-imploring-heaven 2hands-up-alert palm-out-hold-it 2 2arms-out-inspecting-self
Smile-Grin grin 2 3 4 5 6 hee-hee-laughing (and many regular smiles I just let go)
Cheer Yes!-Fist-Driving 2-Fists-high-cheer
Looks angry-look-threat eyes-wide-expectation 2 3 4 5 6 7 look-of-exasperation
Thoughtful poses lip-touch-doubt 2 3 4 arms-folded-disinterested 2 3 4 5 6 hand-chin-dreamy
Other tap-shoulder-attention elbow-stick-out-demanding guard-face-nasty grab-shirt-threat stick-tongue-out 2 sneak-around pat-comfort hide-speech-behind-hand 2 cough-for-attention amplify-speech-1h-by-mouth yawn-boring 2 dancing 1h-ear-listening

Others: palm-presenting-triad point-rude stare-into-distance shrug big-grin hands-up-in-shock-and-cover-mouth lip-touch-doubt scratch-head-wonder 2arms-wide-out-welcome thumb-up




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  1. le neveu qu'elle n'aime pas

    Very interesting–I’ve enjoyed Jim Davis’s strip for years, and I appreciate his command of gesture (but more now).

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