America. What can I say of the gestures of the United States of America? Often cross-cultural web info compares culture X to America, like here, here or here on gestures. Or unless stated otherwise the context of given information is the USA like in the nonverbal dictionary. So, are we to believe that Texas is the same as Maine in this respect? Do Latinos gesture like Amish? Do Jews gesture like Italians? According to David Efron, Gesture, Race and Culture, they start to do so if you put them in a meltingpot long enough.

The American Indians used sign languages, which have been documented quite a bit.

Modern Plains Indians Sign?

I found it rather surprising then that if you are going to study in America, you are advised on how to point and smile. I do agree that people exaggerate the importance of the OK sign. But lets wrap it up. America gestures and signs as vibrantly as elsewhere in the world. Immigration played its role, and probably still does. Good night, America.