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I-Qbot, a course in robotics for 700 euro

Here is Albert van Breemen’s final movie of the i-Qbot:

Some people on forums are complaining about the i-Qbot: it appears to be quite hard to program and it doesn’t do much on its own. Van Breemen emphasizes the great learning experience. Looking at the ‘end result video’, I can imagine both views.


Albert van Breemen, Robot Man at Philips


Pleo, the baby robot dino

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  1. Like all products, you have people who like it, and those who dislike it. True, i-Qbot does not do many useful things, like many toy robots by the way! But for 700 euro’s you get 90 magazines full of robotics information, a linux-based robot with bluetooth and a webcam, it’s mobile and has moving arms. You learn a lot about electronics and programming while building this robot, and that’s what I personally really like about this robot/project. The biggest challenge for the personal robotics community is to come up with useful robot applications. Anyone has a suggestion?

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