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Koko, the Talked Down Gorilla

In 1971 I was born. They called me Koko. Penny Patterson took me in. She teaches me stuff. She teaches me sign language. I am as much a person as you. Says Penny. I use 1000 signs. I hear you talk. I make small sentences. I never win a Pulitzer. But I am great blogger. My chat session was a waste. I didn’t get any nipple.

How many swear words would Koko use? (picture by A.L.I.)

Barbet Shroeder and Nestor Almendros filmed the events back in 1977, and made a movie out of it. It was brought out on DVD recently with extra material (hence this post).

Some reviewers focus on the strangeness of the relationship between Penny and Koko (the one scolds and talks down the other as an unfortunate child). Other reviewers stay with the main message about big apes. Funny thing, the movie is not mentioned on Penny’s Koko’s site.

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  1. Jeroen Arendsen

    Straight dope from Cecil Adams.

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