Dear Reader, you are hereby cordially invited to correspond on gesture or sign language topics.
[mail at jeroenarendsen dot nl]

A few weeks back I got some email with questions and ideas about gestures. I like getting such emails. Not because it tells me there are readers out there. I can check the statistics for that. I like it because it offers a fresh perspective. The ideas expressed are usually different from my own. It makes me think again about gestures.

Will you write me? (source)

Some of the emails lead to a small discussion. Ideas are exchanged or good questions posed. I will then ask the writers if I can put the mail online for two reasons. First, to share it with the other readers. Second, to archive it on the website. I simply post the original email and put the rest of the correspondence in the comments.

You like to write but do not want it published on the blog? Don’t worry, I will publish nothing without your explicit permission.