Matthieu Aubry, Frédéric Julliard & Sylvie Gibet:
Modeling joint synergies to synthesize realistic movements

Daniel Raunhardt (here) & Ronan Boulic (here):
Controlling gesture with time dependent motion synergy constraints

This morning started with two talks from French guys, both of them about movement synthesis. Boht from a computer science perspective. I was late for the first and didn’t catch the point of the second, so I cannot say much about them. It does appear to be the case that the French are concentrating, especially around the ladies Sylvie Gibet (gesture) and Annelies Braffort (LSF), on synthesis rather than on recognition. And they seem to be making good progress with a series of good computer science students. (Segouat was another). They do however appear to be mostly very high on computer skills but perhaps less high on gesture knowledge. But I could be mistaken, it is but a first impression.