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Mozilla Mouse Gestures

Could it be a real killer application of gesture recognition? It appears that mouse gestures are a viable option for browsing and games. Optimoz Mouse Gestures is a popular Mozilla Firefox extension which I have been trying for a while now.

One could of course argue that this mouse gesturing is hardly new. We’ve had Palm Graffiti, handwriting recognition, pen gestures, Opera used it first, and we all drag-and-drop with the left mouse button. One could even say that every action used to control a computer other than talking is a gesture. All true. But none of that matters really. A killer app is not necessarily new. Just a really good combination of factors that sparks succes.

My Favourite: Making any gesture ending with a straight Right-Up-Left movement opens all crossed links in tabs

One of the great things about the current mouse gestures is the use of the right button. I always have that handy for mouse-down actions anyway. I can learn the gestures from a nice sidebar in Mozilla which I like. I did not have to pay anything. Installation was a breeze. No extra kit. And I can impress my colleagues. What more do you need?


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  1. Egmel

    Mouse Gestures have been available in FireFox for years, the Optimoz ones have been about since 2001 Nothing new there :o)

  2. Jeroen Arendsen

    I must be getting old… !o\

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