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My Baby Just Cares .. for Milk

Hotter than hot with US Parents today: teach your nine month old baby a few signs instead of just waiting a couple of months for his words to start. Why? Well, obviously to give him an advantage. How so? According to a Californian mix of commercial and academic experts, there are many positive effects.

Does a parental investment in baby sign have the highest return?

Or would you be better of with music and rhyme sessions?

So what do babies sign? Guess what? By far the most used signs are More and Milk. A former colleague of mine from the UK mentioned had an anecdote about a signing baby: Whatever the problem was, be it hunger, thirst, a dirty diaper, etc, the baby would inevitable sign ‘milk’. Our mother’s breast, a cure for all ailments, eh?

To be honest, I tried it with my first child but my limited investment had no visible return. My youngest was spared the exercise, apart from the regular attempts at using gestures such as waving goodbye. And as I gain parental experience an approach of reactive rather than pro-active stimulation seems to me to yield the most profitable ROI anyway. It is certainly less demanding and has many other positive effects on me.


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  1. Jeroen Arendsen

    These parents’ stories confirm my worst suspicions: the main use of baby signing is for them to demand ‘milk’, ‘more’ or ‘eat’. And the mommies and the daddies are apparently inclined to give in, so it works good for the babies.

  2. Jeroen Arendsen

    TribStar News July 1 ’06: A growing number of parents are teaching their little ones sign language as a way to communicate before they’re able to talk

  3. Jeroen Arendsen

    Come get your courses in Rancho Cucamonga.

  4. Jeroen Arendsen

    Now you can even sign and sing? With Selangor Institute of Music (SIM) vice-principal Yeoh Sheau.

  5. Jeroen Arendsen

    Press Release: The first DVD in the series, “Happy Signs Day,” retails for $19.99 and is available now along with the company’s other DVDs at http://www.language-tree.com or by calling 1-888-828-2552.

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