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Naruto Hand Seals

A colleague, Matthijs Dröes, once pointed Naruto hand signs out to me. They form a nice system of gestures in an animated world of Ninja characters.

Here is a Naruto site (login?) on hand seals:

Hand Seal Guide: Hand seals are as important as Chakra in Naruto. All GenJutsu and NinJutsu need hand seals to be performed, but TaiJutsu doesn’t because it simply needs no Chakra. The main function of a Hand Seal is similar to that of magic words. Instead of speaking of words to activate a spell, Hand Seals are used to activate the technique, and release all the gathered Chakra. Hand Seals stand out for animals, specifically the animals found in the Oriental Zodiac signs. That’s why there are 12 seals, one for each of the 12 years found in Oriental zodiacs… if the hand seals in a NinJutsu are not performed correctly, the Chakra will be released wrong and a different effect will occur, probably failing the Jutsu. As a result, Hand Seals need a lot of concentration, which is why techniques in Naruto cannot be interrupted.

I guess these hand seals are related culturally to mudras, which also function as spiritual enablers. (Interestingly, in both cases the form is usually a posture without explicit movement.) It is almost like there is a heavenly connection between our hands, our minds and the forces of cosmic nature. I am a mere mortal meddling with divine stuff. Better watch out for false gestures lest I get hit by a fireball.


Wii gestures for WWii game


My patent on ‘electronic call assistants’


  1. Marian

    lolZ the fast one i can do it. try water dragon jutsu 83 handseals and i do it fast no wrongs so that for me is easy

  2. Juanx16


  3. Jordan A.K.A MasterRaenef

    Uhm… The water dragon has not got 83 hand seals. it has around 52 -.-‘
    And that would be incredibly hard to do no fail.
    Juanx16, You’re a noob.
    End of blog.

  4. Wow…Thanks for the share tho… I really new to this but with this info, Im getting more Knowledgeable now..haha..I guess

  5. ahron

    wow thanks sa hand seal

  6. ahron

    wow thanks sa rasengan technique,lalo na ung kagebunshin

  7. ShinraKamar

    In an episode where naruto uses the monkey hand sign, it shows it in a way humans can’t physicaly do.
    It shows him as if he had two right hands! XD

  8. Deathheartthepwned

    Dude wtf you can’t do monkey its like.. retarted

  9. Maiev

    AWTZZ…its is so hard,
    maybe ill try and practice next time

  10. pretty helpful dude!
    butt(haha) i think youtube is better

  11. i tried the water dragon jutsu, butt(haha again)it took me 1min.35sec.
    its stuipid

  12. to esy.giv me more hand signs(*_*)

  13. opestackle

    i know how to do the chidori move so fast i mean so fast without any bit of a mistake

  14. Naruto is very skillfull in having those combat with his enemies _

  15. One Of The Justsu Went So Fast I Almost Had A Seizure Lol

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