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Rock Paper Scissors for Fanatics

Somewhere out there is a man called David C. Lovelace. And he seems to be very busy filling the internet with graphics, flash, cartoons. The thing that caught my eye was his slightly over-the-top expansion of a simple game of gestures called Rock-Paper-Scissors (RPS).

Wanna play RPS with more than 3 gestures? (source OneMoreLevel)

You would think a man was content with seeing an obsession come to life in such a nice way. But mister Lovelace went on to make an even bigger RPS game with 101 gestures!

And a more personal note: Bernie DeKoven listed RPS-25 on his FunLog site at November 24, 2005. He added a dedication to his son Elyon DeKoven, who was a PhD-student just before me at my department, and his grandson, Zev, one-year-old at the time. So, Elyon, if you happen to read this: congratulations with becoming a daddy! It’s a funny small world.


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  1. Elyon

    Yes, I’m here. It’s nice to be remembered. Please get in touch directly. Check my website for a link.

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