The New Zealand All Blacks are not the only rugby team with a challenge or warrior dance like the haka. There are for example these Pacific Islands: Fiji, Tonga, and Samoa.

The Fiji national rugby union team is a strong side that delivers the cibi before test matches (more). (Image source)

Tonga (in red) versus Samoa (in blue).

The Tonga national team , called ‘Ikale Tahi, performs the Sipitau (Sipi Tau), which is said here to be a form of Kailao. Although they are said here not be very enthusiastic about it, the Tongan national team was caught on camera giving a show at a night club and a party.

The Samoa rugby team, or Manu Samoa performs the (Manu) Siva tau.

The Pacific Islanders are an international rugby union team that represents Fiji, Samoa and Tonga all together. Their war dance looks great, but I did not find a name for it. Looking good, everyone!