Seeing Signs

To those who are interested in gesture or sign language perception or just curious to watch me defend my thesis in the face of furious opposition:

You are invited to attend my PhD Defence, on October 19, in the Aulu of the Delft University of Technology, at 15:00h. There will be a short presentation about the work at 14:30h, and you can drop in from around 14:00h for a last minute chat, a coffee (bring your own from downstairs) or to greet friends. There will be a reception afterward at id-Kafee (the Faculty of Industrial Design).

The committee that will grill me: Karen Emmorey, Adam Kendon, Marianne Gullberg, Berry Eggen, Ingrid Heynderickx, Huib de Ridder (promotor), Ans Koenderink-van Doorn (copromotor), and the Rector Magnificus.

More information, maps, and updates: HERE.
Indicating interest or attendance is not obliged yet appreciated and can be done through LinkedIn (HERE) or by mail.