Beware! Plants, and especially cacti, do have body language according to Connie Krochmal of BellaOnline. Suddenly, my perception of the simple cactus and plant life in general is changed. It’s a blossoming horticulture out there, filled with a hitherto unknown flood of communication. A world of plant ideas and tree feelings. This cactus may really be giving us all the finger and must have been really mistreated.

Yo, bro, spare me the H2O. (by LĂȘ Anh Tuan)

Hilarious. I wonder who they are talking to? Is my plant aware I am here? Does it think I can solve its problems? Did this symbiosis evolve in the wild? Will it resent me for doing nothing? I am pretty sure miss Krochmal will, but doubt there will be repercussions from my cactus.

But then again… (source)

But perhaps I am too hasty to dismiss the idea of communicating plants. Apparently, corn under attack from worms can put out a chemical signal that attracts a predatory wasp. Good for the wasp, good for the corn. Suppose for a moment that life exists beyond this planet. Could our dwindling forests call in the Martians?